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Convert large CSV and Excel files into optimized and awesome SQL import files, like a boss.

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Convert CSV and Excel to SQL, like a boss!

Convert large CSV or Excel spreadsheets into vendor specific SQL tables.

C2S defines a optimized database table schema for you and converts the spreadsheet into a SQL import file, ready to be imported into the SQL database server of your choice. Saves you time and headache!

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It has never been as easy and cheap to convert csv to sql import files. With C2S, making excel to sql conversion is a breeze.

This service is 100% free for registered users (No conversion limits, no creditcards, no payments).
Convert how often and how much you want. Courtesy of your friends here at Triangela AB!

All you need to do is to create an account (fast and easy).
Please note: Public (non-registered) users can only convert up to 5000 rows per upload.

Select the CSV or Excel source file

We currently support csv, xls and xlsx files.

For best results: Use double quotes (") as text delimiters and coma (,) as value seperators.

Please select your source file
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Select the intended SQL database server

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Conversion / schema options

Table name?

Enter the SQL table name you want or leave it blank if you want us to generate one for you.

The first row contains column names?

We recommend that you make sure the first row contains column names, otherwise we will generate placeholder column names for your SQL schema.

Add a auto incremental primary id column?

C2S will add a auto incrementing integer id column as PK for your SQL schema.

Generate a Laravel 5 migration file?
Not appliable for your vendor.

Then click the button above. For MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL.

Where to send the download link? *

You need to enter your e-mailadress.

You have better stuff to do then waiting around, enter your email above and we will send you the download link when the SQL import file is ready. Your download link will arrive within the hour.

Note: Used only for SQL import file delivery, we will not spam you!

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Please don't close this window while uploading is running!

File uploaded, now leave it to us!

You may now leave this page if you want. You will be notified with a download link for you SQL import once it is done. Usually, you should have it within the hour.

It will be sent to: {{ email }} (be sure to check the spam folder in case it don't show up). You will also find the download link in your notification sidebar (bell icon).

Thank you for using C2S!

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