Convert to SQL

Convert large CSV and Excel files into optimized and awesome SQL import files, like a boss.


Multiple output vendors

Take your pick: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server

Choose among four different vendors according to the type of database server the import is intended for. Convert your file into SQL for usage with MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server. Your converted file will be delivered as a SQL dump with a defined table schema optimized to your data together with respective data values as batched INSERT statements.

Deep Data Analyzing and Data Type Detection

Figuring out what table schema your data needs when creating imports yourself can be time-consuming. Especially when handling big data files. We help you solve this problem by analyzing your data prior to the conversion process itself. Our system detects what kind of table schema and column data types your file needs and further creates the SQL import file. Simple and convenient! So why not concentrate on what you truly enjoy while C2S defines that schema for you!

Deep Data Type Analyzing.
Running Laravel?

Laravel migration file as an option!

We love Laravel! For that simple reason we have added the option to generate a Laravel 5 migration file together with your converted SQL dump. This adds the power and flexibility to your import that the Laravel Migration feature has to offer. For all you Web Artisans out there!

Your time is precious, we know that.

Though we built this service around the beauty of speed and quality combined, we know large files can occasionally take some time to process. With C2S as your devoted partner, you will not have to sit around and wonder how long a progress bar will occupy your screen. Let us work that conversion for you and once your SQL file is ready to be picked up, you will automatically receive a download link through your mail. For safety┬┤s sake we also add it to the notification sidebar on your account. So both your mail and your C2S account will tell you when the file has been converted and awaits to be collected.

Running Laravel?
Keeping it simple, CSV or Excel.

Keeping it simple, CSV or Excel.

Currently we support CSV and XLS/XLSX files in order to keep our service neat and efficient. However, we constantly look ahead of us and have plans for the near future. First on the list, the addition of further options for your import files.

We know that no-one likes a snoop!

Your privacy is our responsibility and we are very much aware of that. For this main reason no human will examine the data in your file unless instructed by you. During the entire conversion process our system is the only one to read through your files for one sole purpose: to figure out the type of data contained and build the SQL file you need. The source file will be deleted automatically after the conversion has been completed. As for the SQL file resulted from conversion, this will be available to collect up to 24 hours from creation. After the 24 hours are gone, your SQL file will also be deleted.

Running Laravel?