Terms Of Service

The following is a legal agreement between the entity executing it (You) and Triangela AB. The agreement controls Your use of the Convert2SQL service, a service owned by Triangela AB and registered so under The Swedish Patent and Registration Office- Patent och Registreringsverket (PRV). By completing the registration process on our website or using the service above mentioned you acknowledge you have reviewed the terms of this agreement and accept to be bound by the terms of this agreement. Triangela AB will reserve rights to alter this agreement at any time, for any reason, without notice.



Refers to the account you as a user will register in order to have access to the Convert2SQL service. This can be either a free or a billing account according to the payment plans we offer.

“Confidential information”

Refers to any data or piece of information held and disclosed by one party to another and marked as “confidential” at disclosure. Information not marked as “confidential” will be treated as information of public use, thus will be spread accordingly among users and members of our internal staff.

“Customer data”

Refers to data we collect concerning the characteristics and activities of our visitors.

“Third party”

Refers to any other party to which one of the parties of this agreement may provide information.


Refers to servers controlled by Triangela AB on which customer data is stored.

“Source file”

Refers to the XLS/XLSX and/or CSV file you upload for conversion as part of your usage of the Convert2SQL service.

"Import file”

Refers to the MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and/or Microsoft Server SQL file that results once the conversion process has reached its end.


As part of this agreement you may not: Grant rights over the Convert2SQL service, logo and brand to any other person, be it private or public entity. Use the service in violation to international laws and regulations, laws and regulations of the country in which Convert2SQL will be used as a service, or laws and regulations of your country of origin.
Assume personal or any kind of rights over Convert2SQL service, Logo and/or brand.

Security of members

Upon the registration of your account you will have to offer the information required about your full name, e-mail address and password in an accurate, complete way. You will be entirely responsible in regards to the protection of your password. However, in case you consider your account or any other confidential information is subject to an unauthorized use, you will have to contact Triangela AB immediately. Our support team may also log in under your customer account to improve service and provide technical and billing assistance at your personal demand. As account holder you also take full responsibility for any activities that occur under your account including those that may breach security and privacy aspects and/or any other aspects enumerated under this agreement.

Technical support

Triangela AB does not provide direct phone support for the Convert2SQL service. Matters in regards to the functionality of your account, the subscription to newsletters or any other type of promotional and market related contact as well as the termination of this contact will be received by e-mail at hello@triangela.com. Matters in regards to the quality of our Convert2SQL service will be received by e-mail at feedback@convert2sql.com. No guarantees are made in terms of the response time in which the support team will answer back to your enquiries, yet we will do our best to provide you with quick answers to your enquiries.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Triangela AB for third party claims or legal actions taken against you as a result of your misuse of the Convert2SQL service or as a result of your violation of privacy and/or security terms mentioned under this agreement and under our Privacy Policy. Triangela AB will also be held harmless for any related expenses, liabilities, claims, damages or settlements that may arise from such events.

Limitations of liability

You deduce and assume all risks associated with the use of the Convert2SQL service. As user of the service mentioned under this section you will solely hold responsibility for determining to what extent the use of the service is appropriate. You will also deduce and assume all risks attached to the use of the Convert2SQL service. Neither authors of the Convert2SQL service nor Triangela AB will be held accountable in the events including but not limited to program errors, server errors, loss of data or software programs, interruption or unavailability of operations and damage to equipment.